16th October. Free Webinars: Business Partnerships – The Pitfalls and the Windfalls


Partnerships in business can be perilous or profitable. Some work well, some just tick along but many are disastrous. Every bad idea usually starts out as a ‘good idea’, they go wrong because we forget about “The Law of Unintended Consequences”. What can go wrong usually does.

Getting sound legal advice and properly drawn up partnership agreements can help to prevent some problems and provide solutions to resolving them. However, like a prenuptial agreement they don’t predict how people are likely to behave and think.

This webinar will show you:

●        the topics you need to agree on before you instruct your lawyer.
●        how to prevent conflict;
●        the process for resolving disagreements without lawyers;
●        the possibilities and potential that can be generated in an effective partnership;
●        how to deal with your business partner’s ‘significant other person’.


If you are in a business arrangement with another person whether it is with a friend, a colleague, a life-partner, a sibling, a parent or a relation you are in a partnership.

As many problems arise in highly profitable business partnerships, as in those who are losing money – they are just different problems.

This webcast is being run live twice. When you register for your session you will be able to submit a question you would like answered.

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