Cathy Jones

Bantacs Accountants Ningi Qld

I was having an issue with the operations of my business in that things were not going to plan. I started working with Bryan and came to realise through the process that I was focussing on the wrong thing. Working with Bryan has given me more insight into what I needed to be doing, to resolve the issue. Bryan didn’t tell me what to do but rather worked with me to find what the real problem was, not just what I thought it was. Bryan was then there to give me the advice and tools to change what needed to be done. Bryan offered encouragement all through this process and he had such an in-depth knowledge of business processes and operations that I was very happy in accepting what he had to say. If you have a business and think that things could be better, even if you are not sure whether you just need to grow or you need to resolve an issue,  I would not hesitate in recommending Bryan to give you that boost to get things moving in the right direction again. I am still working on the business, but I also know that I can contact Bryan to give me that boost if needed at any time.