Christian Carroll

They’re called Business Basics because they are the same for every
business. If it was simply following these basics, then each and every
businesses would be assured of success. You and I know that this is not the
case. There is a human variable, the business owner. His or her motivation for
starting or buying the business in the first place; his or her backgound, age,
expertise, his or her individual needs or what they actually want the business
to deliver to them.

Bryan has an uncanny ability and an unwavering patience to really listen, and
to hear and to grasp what his clients need. He then seamlessly guides them
to greater success or if the state of the business necessitates, abruptly
change their direction to forge a steady path out of the quagmire.
Many times a business owner can be in too deep to see even simple solutions
to pressing problems. He or she may just think that working harder and
labouring longer hours will be the solution.

Being a business owner can be a very lonely and frustrating place at times, as
their spouse, friends or even their accountant have little or no understanding
or appreciation of what they see as their unique problems. Usually they don’t
even have the luxury of having someone to simply bounce ideas off.
Whether the role calls for a business mentor or a coach, Bryan has the proven
skills, abilities and, as I have personally witnessed, he has a genuine and
heartfelt caring for his clients.

Ultimately, I firmly believe that Bryan gauges his personal success on the
success of his clients.

Christian Carroll

(Former business owner of 28 years)