Downloadable Resources

Bryan Worn offers the following business resources for free download:

Fixing the Family Business

Discover how to align your business and family to build value and happiness. This whitepaper discusses the challenges family businesses can face, and how to overcome these hurdles to achieve success.

From Start-Up to Grown-Up

This small business resource includes professional advice from Bryan about how to overcome the challenges of a new business to achieve your highest potential – professionally and personally.

Business Mentoring

This paper provides insights into how professional consulting can help business owners succeed. We want you to ‘learn lessons the easy way’.

Dealing with Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict can be more than just uncomfortable, it can also affect morale and productivity. Learn how to eliminate this unnecessary expense with our whitepaper on dealing with workplace conflict.

Will Your Business Fund your Retirement

Business owners, typically envision their business as the primary vehicle for funding their retirement, having worked tirelessly to build the business over many years. They see the eventual sale of their business as the key to financial freedom in retirement.

There are important factors that can influence a business’s value. Not all businesses are saleable. And there are critical steps an owner needs to take to ensure a comfortable retirement.

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