Free Webinar: “Value – how to price your products and services”.


Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that your business will be generating income and profit today and every day.

Imagine the only reason you need money is to fund an investment.

Imagine having a holiday without having to worry about your business or money.

It’s not a fantasy. In fact, it’s daily life for business owners who’ve moved from surviving to thriving and know that they are on their way to freedom from the daily grind that most of us hate.

It’s a reality for business owners who’ve learned the secret of a focused growth mindset and moved from possibilities to probabilities.

And it can be a reality for you too when you overcome your pricing dilemma.

Business owners, who have successfully started and grown businesses whilst enjoying their lives, have one thing in common.

I have used it in of my own businesses.

I’ve taught this to scores of business owners and practice professionals. It is the key that frees them from being stuck in a business that started out as freedom but ends up like a prison.

And I want to share it with you.

So I thought I’d invite you to our next free Business Kick Start Webinar“Value – How to Price Your Products and Services “.

You can register here – Tuesday Wednesday 24th April at 1.00pm

This webinar is designed to help with:

·         A methodology for pricing your good or services
·         A tool to make you more profitable
·         The confidence to get paid what you are worth
·         Moving from price to value.