How much spare capacity do you have in your mental hard drive?

How much spare capacity do you have in your mental hard drive?
One of the great advantages of computer devices is that we can store an enormous amount of information. And, depending on our programs, RAM and CPU speed, we can search for and find things easily.

Although the human brain has plenty of capacity, our conscious mind can only hold a limited amount of information at one time. When we cannot recall things, it is important to bear this fact in mind (pun intended).

The average number of items we can hold in our short-term memory is seven – give or take two. So, we need to be selective in what we think about.

Some years ago, I learned from personal development and leadership coach Mark Setch that we should think of our minds as a series of three concentric circles:

  1. In the centre circle is what we can control. This includes what we think, what we do and how we behave.
  2. In the next circle is what we can influence. This includes our children, employees and clients.
  3. In the outside circle is what concerns us. This includes the weather, our football team’s performance and interest rates.

When your mind is full of concerns, it reduces the number of things you can control and influence. Your success and happiness in life are directly related to the amount of control you feel you have. Firstly, you must focus your efforts on the things you can control, and secondly, on situations and people you can influence. By expanding your control, you push the boundaries of the two inner circles outwards, so your mind isn’t consumed by unnecessary concerns.

So, what things in your life and business can you control and influence, and what concerns can you delete? Freeing up space in your mental hard drive is critical to the success of your business.

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