Mentoring for Accounting Practicioners

Accounting Practice Mentoring – Brisbane

Bryan Worn is a Chartered Accountant who ran his own successful practice for
several years. He has worked with many accounting firms of different sizes and
stages of development. He has participated in the Chartered Accountant Australia
New Zealand as a mentor. He has also consulted to many accounting practices on
many of the opportunities and challenges that all practices experience from time to
time. He understands the competing demands for time from a practitioner’s family,
practice and maintaining good health.

Bryan’s unique perspective on professional practices is the result of his extensive
experience as a Chartered Accountant, professional practice & business owner.

Develop Your Vision – Then Your Strategy

Running a practice without having a vision of how you want it and your life to look
like, and then developing a strategy to achieve that vision often results in being at
the beck and call of clients without gaining adequate rewards.
Bryan works with you to create a future vison and strategy for your practice.
His outcomes-focused approach is what makes Bryan one of Australia’s most
prominent business strategy consultants. Bryan helps you develop strategies that get

Implement Actions

To ensure you get the most out of Bryan’s practice mentoring, he shows you how to
implement his advice with actions to take your accounting practice to the next level.
Bryan offers practical real-life solutions to implement in your daily life, guiding you
through the steps necessary to get where you want to be.

He builds accountability into the process to monitor progress and inspire you to take
responsibility of everything under your control. While there is no secret to overnight
success, this accountability will ensure you stay focused and achieve your goals

Bryan is passionate about helping accountants achieve their professional and
personal goals. He can provide the advice you need to overcome issues, based on
his own experience. Discover what his accounting practice mentoring can do for your
practice and get in touch today.