Some useful quotes from these times

Some useful quotes of the week from people I know, (with my comments in brackets):

“If they need a life raft, don’t sell them a yacht” – Taki Moore of the Coach Marketing Machine.
(When people are in crisis or have an urgent problem, they need a solution for that problem not something for the big picture).

“As restrictions ease and we can start to do more, be conscious of what you put back in. Don’t automatically revert to what life was”. – Peter Cook of Thought Leaders Business School.
(We will have learnt some new and better ways to spend -or not spend – both our time and our money. The more self-awareness we have about our habits the easier it will be to keep the good ones.

“This economic crisis is not about the survival of the fittest, it’s about the survival of the most adaptable”. Chris Baskerville partner at Jirsch Sutherland insolvency practitioners.
(Businesses that were financially ‘fit’ were better placed to weather the sudden economic downturn triggered by Covid-19. However, the money runs out someday and those that have adapted in terms of their operations and product/service offerings will be better placed to survive in a prolonged crisis and thrive in the recovery period.)

“Every morning brings a clean slate” – Nic Matthews yoga instructor at Calm Yoga.
(Social distancing and working at home can create impediments to getting done, what we plan to do each day. This may lead to stress, feelings of not being good enough, or ‘when will this end? ‘. We must remember that every day is a fresh start and yesterday doesn’t really matter.)

Be kind to yourself.