The clock is always ticking

Three weeks into the new calendar year, many of us know what we want to achieve. We should have identified the critical steps we need to take to reach our goals, and allocated time in our calendar to complete them. Some goals require one big step; others require several smaller ones.

In his book, The Shepherd’s Life, author James Rebanks takes the reader through a year in the life of a shepherd. The former sheep farmer explains how during winter, a flock must endure whatever the inclement weather throws at them. If the shepherd does not get out of bed and go to the flock, chances are, some of them will die. Rebanks says, “I know the timer has started ticking, I have a finite period of time to get around my stock and squeeze in whatever other jobs need to be done.”

For most of us in business, it is a relief to know that people will not die if we avoid doing the important things every day. However, our business will suffer if we don’t. And the clock is always ticking.

Identifying the most important thing we need to do every day is critical. Not having that coffee or tea until the task is complete helps give us the motivation we need.

What’s your important thing? It could be:

  • Making a sales calls.
  • Following up a proposal.
  • Finishing a messy job.
  • Having a tough conversation with an employee, customer or supplier.

Just as Rebanks must make sure his flock is well and not buried in a snow drift, we as business owners must also do things we don’t like, in conditions we don’t like, and sometimes with people we don’t like. If we don’t, we will never succeed and reach our potential.

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