The Financial Roadmap

Most journeys start out with a destination in mind.


Before GPS systems were available, we used maps and street indexes to plot the route to our destination.  Now we have GPSs in vehicles, maps on our mobile phones to get us to where we want to get to.


There are many money apps available, but they are not much use if we don’t know what our financial thoughts and aspirations are. It is particularly relevant in the case of medium to long-term financial goals.


When I worked as a financial planner a frequent occurrence was that a couple, thinking about life after work, would come in and although clear about where they were financially, they had not thought out, discussed, or agreed on what they wanted to do in retirement.


They often had individual thoughts but not shared them with each other which led to some interesting conversations!


Establishing a Financial Road Map is the first step on the journey to financial understanding and planning your future. Some years ago, Bill Bachrach came up with a template for a road map and Murray McLean founder of Values-inspired Advocacy, introduced me to it.


It is a great document to help people think about their future.


Murray has kindly agreed to make this template available in print form to my readers.


Please send me your postal address (snail mail) and I will arrange to have a copy sent to you.


If you wish, Murray offers a 25 minute complimentary telephone conversation to help you and your life partner get started with your personal road map.

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