Webinar: The Mechanics of (Your) Money

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Many people struggle with money management, with tension between their income and their expenditure. Some worry about children’s educations costs, buying a home, paying off their mortgage, losing their job, funding retirement etc. For some who have money it is about spending it or keeping it, giving it away, or who to leave it to in their will.

This webinar will be held on Wednesday 15th September 2020, it will help you put in place a money system that will work for you – everyone is different. One cap seldom fits all, even though heads do not appear that different in size or shape.

How is it that some people with apparently little money are very happy?

How is it that some very wealthy people are very unhappy?

Money used to be simple but like a lot of other things we have complicated it.

Managing money can be simple and like the best systems simplicity is key – the less steps the better.

Let’s get together so that you can achieve the simplicity that comes with clarity. This webinar is all about the Why, What and How of YOUR MONEY.

It is time to stop talking about money issues and do something about them in ways that will work long-term as well as short-term for you.

This webinar is targeted to people who are challenged about money or just want to learn how to manage it better.

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