Why anyone can become financially independent no matter where they are now.

Two of the best-known brands in takeaway foods are McDonald’s and KFC. It is worth noting that their founders were ‘late bloomers.’ Ray Kroc purchased and expanded McDonald’s restaurants when he was in his 50s, at the time he had little money.

Colonel Harland Sanders had a very up-and-down business life until he turned KFC into a franchise. At that time, he was in his 60s.Hequotesin his autobiography “If I hadn’t been 66 years old and had a $105 Social Security check coming in every month, I don’t know what I would have done. But for me it wasn’t a matter of giving up. It was just a problem of what to do next.”

Both these men were different in many ways. However, they had two things in common-their desire to succeed and the ability to never give up

I had a major financial upset when I was 52 and had to reinvent myself in business.

In his book The Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape narrates a story from a man in Western Australia who, although at 54 had no home, no savings and very little superannuation, was able to get on the road to financial independence.

Obviously, the more money you have starting out and the more you save, the better off you should be financially. However, when it comes to money, we often get in our own way-or life does. Whether it is making poor decisions, events out left-field, relationship break ups etc., bad financial things happen. A feeling of independence and control.

When they do, instead of wallowing in self-pity, blaming somebody else or becoming stagnant we need to get going again.

No matter where we are financially, when we feel we are not getting anywhere, we must take action.

  • When really stuck get advice from people who have faced similar financial challenges and overcome them. Ask them what they did. Most people who have suffered and overcome failure will be happy to help you.
  • Pay for advicebut only from someone, whom you are sure knows what they are talking about, either from personal experience or from working closely with those who have achieved financial success. 
  • Read books on money and /or listen to audio books. I got a valuable tip from Alex Hormozi last year who said that the best way to get what you learn to stick, is to read the book and listen to the audio of it at the same time. Also, adjusting the audio speed can help to read more quickly. 
  • Learn new marketable skills that you can sell to an employer or to customers in your own business.

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